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In salticid spiders, juveniles undergo instars before becoming an adult. When hunting, the spider locates prey using its eyes and then turns to face its prey. Fire and grazing are important in the long-term maintenance of grasslands. Foelix, ; Nieuwenhuys, ; Okuyama, Primary Diet carnivore insectivore Animal Foods insects terrestrial non-insect arthropods Predation Spider wasps and mantises are known predators of zebra spiders. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Southeast, Pennsylvania , United States. It has a particularly large pair of forward facing eyes that help it to locate and stalk its prey before pouncing on it. This species has not been evaluated by the IUCN red list and has no special conservation status.

Amazing Arachnids. Development consists of an embryonic period, a larval period, a nympho-imaginal period, and adulthood. Princeton University Press.

Foelix, ; Ubick, et al. Applied Entomology and Zoology , In Ubick, D.

While hunting, salticids can recognize their prey based on the vibrations the animal creates when it lands on the substrate. Zebra spiders use their excellent vision to locate their prey. Dill, ; Foelix, ; Okuyama, ; Orkin, Bartlett, ; Foelix, ; Murphy, ; Nieuwenhuys, ; Robinson, Biogeographic Regions nearctic introduced palearctic native neotropical introduced Other Geographic Terms holarctic Habitat Zebra spiders are a terrestrial, urban species of spider.

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The spider species Salticus scenicus , commonly known as Zebra Jumper, belongs to the genus Salticus, in the family Salticidae. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Salticus scenicus spiders have been sighted 46 times by contributing members. Foelix, ; Weber, Four species have been recorded from the Canary Islands. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Ubick, D. If the female accepts the male, she crouches down, thereby signaling that the male may approach her. Retrieved September 22,

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World Spider Catalog. Redirected from Salticus scenicus. A male spider will dance in a zigzag pattern moving his pedipalps, front legs, and abdomen. They are heavily reliant on their eyesight to escape predators.

Foelix, ; Ubick, et al. Foelix, ; Milne and Milne, ; Robinson, ; Ubick, et al. Nick's Spiders of Britain and Europe. These spiders are commonly seen on vertical surfaces such as walls, fences, window panes.

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