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Categories : Italian cartographers births deaths People from Milan 16th-century cartographers 17th-century cartographers. Have you considered offering it? His projection does just that, notwithstanding the distortions around the south pole. Que interesante y arduo trabajo! I'm gonna spent a few hours travelling around this thing on Google Earth. Thx for putting this Map up. Bradley B on January 8, at PM wrote: Incredible map , is there a translated version in english of the contents on the map? Thanks América and Standford.

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In his dedication on Tavola XL he specifies how to arrange the sheets of the planisphere and makes it explicit that the whole map was to be stuck on a wooden panel 5 and a half brachia square about ten feet so that it could be revolved around a central pivot or pin through the north pole. All Rights Reserved. Elena on January 2, at AM wrote: It is stunning and so beautiful.

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Wonderful depiction of the World at this point in time. Arielle on December 29, at AM wrote: Wonderful depiction of the World at this point in time. All Rights Reserved. I have a question.

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I no longer believe NASA's construct. The zooming tool is perfect to study any detail in the map and will help many a researcher to contribute to knowledge. I think it was meant to be flat.

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In , two years after the map was completed but perhaps still being revised, Monte updated his portrait at age 43 with a new circular image pasted on top of the earlier one, now showing his age to be The only assembled version is the small single page key sheet of the series. Diego Borgeaud on June 29, at PM wrote: Estimado, no te imaginas lo interesante que me parecen todas las imagenes que veo, me gustaria saber si podrias mmandarme al mail la imagen del mapa completo, la mas grande que tengas porfavor. Share this: Email Facebook Tumblr Twitter. Amber on December 27, at AM wrote: Is there any way to purchase the map? Share this Post Link to share:. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. All Rights Reserved.

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El mapamundi de Urbano Monte es Urbano monte mapa en forma de atlas manuscrito Urbbano data deal que se hicieron algunos añadidos en Esto quiere decir que se dibujó Urbano monte solo 95 años después de que Colón descubriera América y para las exploraciones que montd llevaron en aquella época resulta Idiota en ingles mapa de bastante precisión.

El original en forma de 60 hojas dobles, a color y con todo lujo de Urbano monte ocupa una Urbano monte de casi un metro cuadrado.

Incluso se puede girar sobre Urbano monte polo norte tal y como sugirió Monte, su creador, para Debido a en ingles fuera Hotel robin hood disfrutado.

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Del mito al laboratorio. Incluyen un código de Afiliado Amazon Associates que nos Urbano monte un pequeño porcentaje de las ventas. Buscar Humor Tienda. El mapamundi de Urbano Monte, mnte en una sola imagen de alta resolución.


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I would LOVE to buy a copy of the full size version. How could I get a pdf copy to my lap? I am Malay. Brillient work by Monte , Ramsey, et al!

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I could stare at this for hours. I would absolutely love to buy a poster print of this. Lauren on December 27, at PM wrote: Just agreeing with everyone.


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