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Saki and the rest of Franchouchou celebrate Reiko and Maria's reconciliation by performing an idol concert for both gangs. Later, the girls participate in the Kashima Gatalympics while wearing promotional Franchouchou T-shirts as a publicity stunt. Animes de Acción. Retrieved November 26, By Jhoana Porter Mar 28, Because they can be persecuted when their real identities are exposed, they are presented with their aliases in public. At one point, he makes a resurrection potion and a girl named Rea Sanka accidentally drinks it. Después de casi morir en un accidente recibe un trasplante de órgano de un ghoul.

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A este punto, algunos de ustedes podrían querer comenzar una discusión acerca de las diferencias entre los zombies y vampiros, pero por el bien de esta lista quiero dejar a un lado esos detalles menores. Zombie Land Saga. And, since finding good anime to watch can be tedious, here are the 10 best zombie anime titles you can binge-watch on the internet right now.

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In the year , high school student Sakura Minamoto is abruptly killed by a truck on the morning she plans to submit an idol application. Needing stimulation to awaken the other girls from their braindead state, Kotaro brings everyone to perform at a death metal concert. Honey's Anime.

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El nigromante Eucliwood Hellscythe quiere que el niño sea su guardia y servirle en su nueva existencia. Boruto — Who Would Win? Lily reveals that the man is her father and former manager, and that she is a transgender girl formerly known as Masao Go, [6] who died from the shock of growing facial hair during her stressful television career.

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Retrieved 2 December Chihiro is fascinated by zombies and even wants to date a zombie girl. Tokkou Tokko. Sakura gets into an argument with her rebellious bandmate Saki Nikaido over Tae's head, which escalates into a rap battle that convinces the audience that the fiasco is another part of their act. Because they do not all come from the same period and some are unaware of the contemporary, they tend to show a conservative and old-fashioned stance. Realizing how much Takeo cared for Lily, Franchouchou invite him to a special concert where Lily performs a special song to give him a proper goodbye. The series aired in Japan between October and December A manga adaptation began serialization on Cygames' Cycomi website in October Retrieved October 26, Despite Sakura's doubts, the girls react to the music and make it through the performance through screaming and headbanging alone, during which Sakura recalls some of her memories from when she was alive.

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Sakura hears from Junko about how hard she tried to become an idol in life, only to die in a plane crash before her first tour in Kyushu; feeling her outdated mindset on idols is hindering the other girls, Junko contemplates leaving Franchouchou. Shikabane Hime Corpse Princess. He and the girl much be cautious because there is also a demon who is after Ayumu.

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Although not necessarily the highest ranked anime on this list based on MAL MyAnimeList scores, Highschool of the Dead is arguably the best zombie anime to date. As Franchouchou hold a photo-op session with a small group of fans, Ai and Junko clash with each other over their different opinions on how idols should interact with their fans. BBC News.

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